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Virtual Assistant: Quality Support you can Count on

reat support services from a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) is a commodity that most people do not even realize is available to them by way of a Virtual Assistant. Support in the area of project management, task management, office administration, coordination, strategic planning, business development as well as special projects like social media coordination, email marketing, web design and newsletters.

Generally speaking the vast number of benefits of using a qualified virtual assistant are very far reaching and financially beneficial to many businesses, not only when they encounter business spikes, but also as an on-going resource for special projects.   Benefits including the ability to see the difference in your bottom line are by far the major reason business owners should consider including a virtual assistant as a part of their overall staffing solution.  The value a business will receive includes, the flexibility to not over task your key personnel with projects that are not feasible for them to complete based on their already over taxed schedules, but also, as a start-up or growing business it becomes difficult trying to determine when to pull the trigger to facilitate further growth and expansion.  I would venture to say that, in most cases, the lack of a long-term plan for handling business spikes is the primary reason that a virtual assistant is not a part of their businesses long range planning solution and, of course, the lack of knowledge on the use of this emerging resource as a viable solution is another reason.

It is my belief that the primary concern that businesses have with finding and successfully utilizing a virtual assistant has something to do with their knowledge and ability to utilize a virtual assistant.

• Knowledge about how to find a virtual assistant
• How to utilize a virtual assistant
• Is a virtual assistant my best choice for my current business needs

The steps to finding a quality virtual assistant to bridge the gap in personnel, is first identifying what is the specific need in the area of support. The need that would free up the time and talent of the principal, or the staff, as overtaxed resources, that would allow for the effective and efficient handling of  the spikes in projects that affect individual productivity by utilizing virtual support.

While I know that as a start-up business or even as a mature business there are many occurrences or situations where, if you could just have another pair of hands or eyes, to complete the tasks you will feel so much more at ease.  It seems yet another day is going by when you, or your resource, is overtaxed or just not specialized enough to complete the project at hand.  The importance of completing this task, at the highest possible level, is causing you anxiety and undue stress.  Something like email marketing, getting the word out to your prospects, clients and followers that you have valuable information that they just must hear about.  Frustration sets in, because your database is not built; your customer relations management system (CRM) does not support your ability to blast information out to your stakeholders and you could be missing valuable opportunities to expose your product or services, very quickly, to your audience.

The reason it would be prudent to begin implementing a plan for augmenting your support services should include the thought that being proactive is a strategically better way to handle business spikes.   The elimination of the pressure and stress associated with your lack of organizational depth will immediately become apparent when you put a solid virtual assistant to work in your business.  This will allow  you the  to take on additional projects that could grow your bottom line, without having to screen, hire and pay taxes or benefits, for a part-time employee.

  • Email Marketing – In the world in which we live, honing your own eco system should be an integral part of your marketing efforts.   This allows you to develop targeted information to provide to your prospects, past clients and current clients.

  • Social Media coordination – Most businesses do not understand the importance of engaging on social media to again develop their own eco system to target your audience.

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) – this is your capture and management tool.  This helps you stay abreast with all of your customers and their specific nuances, so that you are targeting them appropriately.

Virtual Assistant – quality support you can count on.   Certified Administrative Assistant (CAP), Executive Support Services, Online Support.

Implementing the suggestions in this article will not only create another dimension in your business, but it will also allow you the ability to handle all the projects you would want to with an unlimited resource pool.  Having your very own “go to girl Friday” ready and poised to handle any projects that you would assign will give you the depth to grow exponentially.   You will have confidence in your business resources and the ability to expand your portfolio of work.   You will have confidence in ALL of your resources and their abilities so that you can develop and maintain the life balance necessary to stay focused and engaged on your strategic plan for the long term.

Just think about how great it will feel being ahead of all of your business tasks, instead of behind.  Having the financial freedom to diversify and grow because you have the clarity and time to focus on your long-term strategic plan.

Genesis Services Group is a virtual services company providing support services utilizing a team of professional providers.  We offer website building, social media engagement, Desktop publishing and many other support services.  If you found this information helpful, please visit our website at and sign up for our mailing list, and look for our future blogs – Like us on Facebook at

Why Do I need a Business Plan?

A business plan is your business playbook it is your recruiting tool, to attract quality personnel, and your roadmap for marketing and business development. Utilizing a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you to accomplish this task is a good first step as an entrepreneur.

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