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Virtual Assistant - why, how, when, whom, and what?

Virtual Assistant – why, how, when, whom, and what?

What if you had someone that you could call on to take care of your customer service and  client contact management, email marketing, newsletters, clerical support, document processing, project management, team collaboration, real estate transaction support, accounts receivable (collections) web design/maintenance, and to engage in social media?  To do all the things that you need to have done with little to no learning curve.  Someone that would work on your to do list/tasks and projects and keep your business going, so that you can be free to service your clients, complete your projects and grow your revenue?  A highly organized, systematic, business manager.   A Virtual Assistant.

Now you really can have someone to be your right hand to handle the mundane tasks that you so dread.  You will no longer be overwhelmed.  You will meet your deadlines.  You will have the time to seek out new business and grow your revenue.  You will work on your business plan.  All while someone is behind the scene doing your blogging, social media posting and supporting you.  You will have time to do the things you want to do and need to you.

  • Why use a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager?  Cost reduction, project focused, results oriented, quality support that you can count on, which is tax deductible and best of all you do not have to file taxes or pay benefits.

  • How do I find a quality VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?  Using resources like the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) is a great way to find a quality Virtual Assistant.  As well as Genesis Services Group, a Virtual Assistant Services company, as a provider you might find that there is a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT right in your back yard, so to speak.

  • When to hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?  Do not wait until you are in the middle of a project to hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.  Be proactive.  Finding the right person may take some time.  You want someone that you are comfortable with and that can grow with your business, not just someone who can do the work.  You need to find out about their workspace, do they have the systems, the technology, do they have a disaster recovery system, do they have the ability to pick up quickly, and to handle your projects.

  • Whom do I hire?  This is the, burning, question.  Finding the right person can be a challenge, however, I will caution you with a few tips:

      1. Just because they may look good on paper, does not mean that they are!
      2. Be careful about hiring people who sell their services at a reduced cost.
      3. What systems and software are they using?  Do they have a portfolio?  
           Whom have they worked for in the past?  Can they provide references?

  • What can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant/Online business manager?  Many businesses want to have a presence on the web and want to engage in social media, but do not have a clue.  Services like, client contact management, email marketing, newsletters, clerical support, document processing, project management, team collaboration, real estate transaction support, accounts receivable (collections) to name a few.  Some VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS choose to be specialized.  

Your paperwork, projects and plans are piling up and you just keep re-prioritizing them.  You, once again, missed a deadline or decided that you could not bid on a project, take on a job or provide a service, because you would be left overwhelmed with doing it, so you decided not to even try.

Hiring a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT now is going to give you a sense of control and freedom that you did not think you could have.  You will begin to take a proactive approach to your business growth.  You will feel like a load has been lifted and the weigh is no longer holding you back.  Your energy and enthusiasm will be contagious and your clients and prospects will feel and hear it when you speak with them.  They will want to work with you, be around you, listen to your sales pitch, and buy your product or service.

The steps that you need to gain control of your business are:    

      1. Find a quality VIRTUAL ASSISTANT/Business manager by researching and
          interviewing prospects
      2.Most VIRTUAL ASSISTANTs will work within your budget as well as where you are
         in your business, but remember, “You get what you pay for.”   Do not try to haggle
         with their pricing, too much, it does not make for a great beginning.
     3. Interview ALL of the candidates and once you have selected one, give feedback,
         to those not selected, after all, it is the professional and courteous thing to do.

Once you have hired your ideal VIRTUAL ASSISTANT you will enjoy a freedom that you never believed possible.  You will have a “Go to Girl Friday” someone that will always be there to handle the tasks and projects that need to be completed;   Now you will be able to put your feet up, while you sit on your deck, patio, beach front, or lake front enjoying your view.   Knowing that you have delegated your tasks and projects and that there is someone to make sure that they will be completed to your satisfaction.

Genesis Services Group is a virtual services company providing support services utilizing a team of professional providers.  We offer website building, social media engagement, Desktop publishing and many other support services.  Visit our website at and sign up for our mailing list.

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Virtual Assistants – why, how, when, whom, and what?

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