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Virtual Assistant - Your Business IS my Business

Virtual Assistant – Your Business IS our Business

Having resources to help you accomplish your business objectives, tasks, and projects, is necessary when deciding to start, build or develop and existing business.  Most individuals who begin businesses have their own unique talents, and more often than not, they have a good idea what they would like to accomplish.  The challenge to most of these individuals is that they often do not forecast when the right time will be to get help.  Most of these individuals have friends or family members who can help and promise to help them, however, they never get the tasks done in the timeframe that they need it done.  This inherent willingness to wait for family or friends causes delay in services and projects that go undone 0n a timely manner thereby creating a continued hindrance to emerging and growing businesses.

A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is a resource that can add a new dimension to your workflow, projects, and overall efforts as you chart your business course.  Your very own personal assistant to delegate tasks that need to be completed.  
As a client or customer how can you get someone to work with you that will become familiar with your processes to the point that you can call on them, at any point in your business growth;  offering you a consistent familiar resource that you can rely on to provide the  seamless services that a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will provide?

    1. Begin with a short term small project
    2. Make a list of all the things that are causing you to be stuck. Prioritize
    3. Give us a call to schedule your FREE, No Obligation consultation

We have found that the steps to accomplishing your business goals so that you can meet your objectives, tasks, and projects can sometimes keep you stuck.  The benefits of a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will allow you to have more clarity, focus, and freedom to continue to develop your work product so that you can really make a difference to your business success.

You are working diligently every day.  You are becoming more and more overwhelmed with things that you need to handle.  You are burning the midnight oil, working large numbers of hours every day.  You are so busy working that you are not tracking your sales or expenses, and you are constantly running out of supplies and having to stop your productivity to purchase the supplies you need to keep the balance between your sales and your production.

When you make the decision of follow this advice, you will find that your support system and the valuable resources that you have available to you will make your life easier.  Just think.  Your hourly productivity rate may be $50 per hour, and you are working on inventorying your office supplies, so you can order pens or paper; or you are spending time researching your phone system, or deciding what printer you should purchase, or just how to start writing your business plan?  

Your time will be your own and you would not need to stop all production just to handle small but necessary tasks.  You will:

  • Get unstuck

  • Meet your objectives

  • Make a difference to your success

You will do this by taking a proactive approach to all the things that may be overwhelming you.  You will become clearer in your approach to all the things that you need to have done allowing you to plan and to focus on your priorities.  Begin your list of all the things that you need to do.  An electronic system is the most recommended.  Prioritize your list, and date the items that have deadline.  I generally like to give myself a few days before a project is due at the due date, this way I am ready, if an emergency occurs.  Start your day with this list, and plan every item that you need to accomplish.

A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is a good step to help you monitor the spikes in your business and to shield you for the mundane tasks and assist with your business management needs -- clerical, business, and project support services.

At Genesis Services Group, we support our clients with quality professional, and timely support services that provides our client the flexibility to focus on all their business needs.  Imagine having the time, the clarity, the confidence to take on additional work, knowing that you have the infrastructure support to accomplish everything that you need.  Imagine all the fun things that you now will have the time to share with your friends and family.  Imagine your success.  We can do it, together!

Genesis Services Group is a virtual services company providing support services utilizing a team of professional providers.  We offer website building, social media engagement, Desktop publishing and many other support services.  If you found this information helpful please visit our website at and sign up for our mailing list, or look for our future blogs – Like us on Facebook at

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Virtual Assistant – Your Business IS our Business

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